Pet Sitting - House Monitoring - Dog Watching

Call Flex Your Paws LLC for reliable pet sitting services South Windsor CT. Our sitters are registered members of Pet Sitters International (PSI). Each pet sitting professional is bonded and insured for your peace of mind. We take excellent care of your pets and home while you are away.  One thing our clients appreciate is that we make sure your home looks as though somebody is at home in your absence. Not only do our capable staff walk, feed, and water your pets while you are gone, we make sure that your home appears as though it is occupied while you are away. We check the perimeter of your home daily, bring in the newspaper and your mail, alternate the lights and window shade positions several times a day, and send you a daily photo and report.

The professional staff at Flex Your Paws are passionate about what they do, and your pets will appreciate the attention and care they receive while you are away. There are some older pets that just get stressed out when they have to be boarded. Avoid the stress, anxiety and  uncertainty of pet care when you are away. Your dog, cat, parrot or non-exotic house pets are well cared for in the comfort of their own home.

Why worry about leaving your pets when you can hire Flex Your Paws?  We want you and your pets to be relaxed and worry-free. Our staff will love them like our own​.​ Whether you are going to be away for a day, a week or longer, your pet and home are secure and cared for. Please call us at 860-930-8965 today!